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Participant Profile: Kadira, 11

#StandTogether Are you ready to run with Kadira? Read Kadira’s story to find out what caused her to feel sad and depressed at school. “Parents who see their children acting sad or unusual should always ask them what’s wrong. That is what my parents did for me when I became sad and depressed, because I [...]

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Participant Profile: Susanna, 16

#StandTogether Come run with Susanna! Read her story about how she spoke up against bullying. “Last year, a new student joined my school, and a lot of the students were excited to meet her including me. Not long after the new student joined, I noticed that a small group of my classmates were sniggering behind [...]

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Arianna, 9

Participant Profile: Arianna, 9

#StandTogether Come run with Arianna at the Borneo Marathon. Read Arianna’s story about why she had to move to a new school. “I experienced bullying when I was seven years old. There was a boy in my class who would snatch my book off me after our class spelling test. I used to get bad [...]

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