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Stories Of Susanna, 16

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Stories Of Susanna, 16

Stories Of Susanna, 16
“ Come run with Susanna! Read her story about how she spoke up against bullying. ”

“Last year, a new student joined my school, and a lot of the students were excited to meet her including me.

Not long after the new student joined, I noticed that a small group of my classmates were sniggering behind her back in class.

One day after school was dismissed, I was waiting for my Dad to collect me and I heard the same group of classmates saying mean things about someone. When I moved closer, I could overhear them using the new student’s name. They were all laughing about her.

I got really annoyed, walked up to them and I told them to stop saying all those horrible things. They told me they didn’t say anything and started to yell at me. Then my Dad turned up at that very moment, and I left to go home.

After that, I never heard them say anything bad about my new classmate again.

Bullying can lead to emotional scars. People should stand up together for the victim, so they won’t be scarred for life.”

Susanna, 16, lives in Sabah and she wants to be a children’s therapist when she is older. She loves writing short stories and playing video games.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

FACT : Did you know that in Malaysia ...

  • 64% of children surveyed are worried about violence against children. *

* According to UNICEF’s 2017 #ForEveryChild Survey.