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Stories Of Arianna, 9

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Stories Of Arianna, 9

Stories Of Arianna, 9
“ Come run with Arianna at the Borneo Marathon. Read Arianna’s story about why she had to move to a new school. ”

“I experienced bullying when I was seven years old. There was a boy in my class who would snatch my book off me after our class spelling test. I used to get bad grades, and he liked to show everyone my results.

After each spelling test, we would have a break to use the toilet. It was this time when we were outside of the classroom and the teacher was not around, he would take my book from me.

Each time it happened, it made me feel sad. It also made me feel very alone. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I felt like he would make fun of me more if I did. I spoke to my parents about it, and their support helped me a lot.

I have since moved to a new school, and I am really happy here. Everyone is nice.

Parents should encourage their children to stay strong. I want other children to know they are not alone. Kindness is really important to help stop bullying.”

Arianna, 9, lives in Sabah and she wants to be a doctor when she is older so she can help other people.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

FACT : Did you know that in Malaysia ...

  • 3 in 4 children want to end violence including bullying and corporate punishment. *

* According to UNICEF’s 2017 Children4Change Poll